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我的孩子們已經去陳博士做了3到4年了。 我愛這個地方,我的孩子也是如此! 他是我孩子的家庭牙醫! 他們愛他和這個地方。 這個地方適合兒童,那裡的工人非常好。 我喜歡他可以和任何孩子一起工作。 無論你的孩子是否願意,陳老師總能找到一個方法來接觸孩子們和Tadaaaaaa ......。當你知道的時候,他已經完成了! 喜歡這個地方!

– Angela

陳博士及其員工耐心,溫和,專業,知識淵博,以患者/家庭為中心。 它們讓我的孩子感到非常舒服,花時間以適合發育的方式解釋程序。 候診室和考試區域熱情友好,適合兒童入住。 我們有110%的積極經驗,我強烈推薦這種做法給任何尋找兒科牙醫的人。 我4歲的孩子在第一次訪問後走出門,驚呼“那太棒了!”

– Sarah

我要感謝Chris Chen博士和他令人難以置信的團隊,他們在兒科牙科方面表現出色,關懷,善良,知識淵博和徹底。 我把我三歲的兒子帶到那裡,從第一秒開始我們就走進了門,我們感到很受歡迎。 全體員工慷慨,善良,關懷和培養。 我兒子愛他們,喜歡去那裡。 他甚至喜歡“來訪”。 感謝陳博士,Val和BelRed Pediatric Dentistry的所有工作人員,他們非常關心我的小男孩,讓我的心靈平靜。 你絕對是最棒的!

– Donna

I brought my son in to Bel-Red Pediatric Dentistry. He had never been to the dentist before and is extremely shy and difficult to get to open up. I soon realized that I had no need to worry, he was in the best possible hands. First, my original contact was with Jennifer, who made his appointment. She was very friendly and accommodating. When we arrived at the office she made my son comfortable right away. The office has a place where the kids are able to play video games before their appointment. I think this made my son feel right at home!

When Washma, the Hygienist called him in she was excellent with him, as well. Then, they had to do some ex-rays and my son has a super sensitive gag reflex, so it was very difficult, but both Dr. Chen and Washma were so patient and so encouraging that they just took it slow and they got them done! I was amazed at how well they handled that complex situation with such patience and respect for him because of the discomfort he was having.

I would then say by the time we were done, that it had actually been a fun experience. Dr. Chen is a spectacular Dentist for children and the entire office is so warm, kind and inviting that my other son wants to know when it will be his turn to come in and see Dr. Chen!

– Kori T. (Kenmore, WA)

Looking for a new kids dentist is always quite a task. I decided to take both of my kids to Bel-Red Pediatric Dentistry and my experience from beginning to end was awesome. I called and was able to get an appointment 2 days later for both kids which was great. The staff at Bel-Red Pediatric dentistry were all very professional and very attentive. The office is very kid friendly and very nicely decorated which even gave me some decorating ideas for my kids rooms. 

My kids were comfortable and happy to be among such kind people. Dr. Chen made my kids feel good with positive reinforcement and he did a great job of explaining everything to me. Overall, our first visit as new patients was very positive and I am glad I chose this office for my kids dental needs.

– Grace W. (Redmond, WA)

Bel-Red pediatric dentistry is such a wonderful and friendly environment for kids to have their first dental experiences. Dr. Chen and his team went above and beyond to make my 3 year old son feel welcome and to help calm his fears. As a parent, they gave me great tips to implement at home without being judgmental – which is a much welcome change from past experiences! I only wish that my first dental experiences could have been in such a warm an nurturing environment!

– Ellen P. (Redmond, WA)

I’m so happy I have found Bel-Red Pediatric Dentistry. My son warmed up quickly and the environment was calm so that kept my son relaxed and not worried. Dr. Chen made it easy for us and wanted to make sure that we felt comfortable with the dental plan/work. The staff were nice, calm, and knew how to handle young children. I found the office clean, neat, and organized.

– Baian B. (Redmond, WA)

Bel-Red Pediatric Dentistry has a nice play area in the waiting room (complete with video games!) and the decor is a kid-friendly green apple color. The exam room is very large and has huge floor to ceiling windows so the kids could look out at the trees or they could watch movies on flat screens while they were getting their exams.

Dr. Chen was extremely patient with the kids, I was really impressed by his friendly demeanor. He took the time to go over each child’s exam so I understood what procedures he performed and he also explained any future work that would need to be done. At the end of the office visit, the kids got a prize from the vending machine, along with a goodie-bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

The Dental Hygienist, Washma, was great with all four kids and Jennifer, the Office Manager, was friendly on the phone and very helpful in person! She even went out of her way to make sure we would get a postcard reminder for their 6 month check-up. 

I highly recommend Dr. Chen and his staff if you are considering a Pediatric Dentist.

– Jayme L. (Bothell, WA)

Both of my kids had a lot of teeth problems. They have seen many dentists in the past. Basically, they were scared of going to dental appointments until we found Dr. Chen. Dr. Chen is very friendly and patient to my kids and me, the parent too. He always explains his procedures very clearly and answers my questions so that we know what to expect next. We are glad to have Dr. Chen as our dentist!

– Maggie Y. (Seattle, WA)

Great dentist for kids. Excellent atmosphere.

– Anonymous